Casting papers for synthetic leather

Release papers and films used for forming various resin films including polyurethane and PVC. The coatability and surface reproducibility of the resin rely on the surface property of the release paper. Release papers used for such applications also require high durability to withstand repeated use and high heat resistance.



1. Available for 3 types: That used for polyvinyl choloride (PVC) casting papers; for polyuretahane (PU) synthetic leather; and for semi-PU synthetic leather (PU/PVC combination synthetic leather).

2. A wide Variety of release surface available for synthetic leather casting; i.e. the silicone, polyolefin, and special resin types.

    – The Polyolefin type has superior properties, such as a wide variety of applicable PU resin solutions, fine embosing, and durabililty inrepeated use.
    –  The special resin types of offer an even gloss as well as outstanding heat and scratch resisteance.

3. A full range of excellent embossing patterns are at your choice.


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